Where Curious People Meet Curious Places

Communitas is where uncommon happenings occur in common spaces. It’s where someone experiences the unexpected, where anyone can belong, and where everyone wants to stay. 


Communitas Means Changing the Rules of Engagement

Communitas is a Denver-based consultancy that develops singular programs and events designed to enhance brands, grow audiences, and spark meaningful, shared experiences through new and novel space activation. 

We are tech junkies, strategic sharks, and grounded eccentrics with a vast network of brilliant weirdos who help us tip your production from engaging to eye-opening. Our approach is collaborative, our process is efficient, and our top priority is giving our clients in the arts and entertainment community the thoughtful and supportive service they need.

In short: we are experts at what we do, and we are for real about the unreal. 


The People Bringing You Communitas

David Moke and Annie Geimer co-founded Communitas in 2013 because they believe in messing up the day-to-day lives of strangers with extraordinary experiences.

Admittedly, there’s more to it than that. Annie and David are Colorado natives who went to high school together and then took off to make big things in music happen around the country. 

Years later, happenstance brought them to the same DIY art space. Intention and a shared vision brought them to Communitas, and to Communitas they bring their own skills, tastes, and personalities that, combined, make for impressive happenings.

Where will they bring you?

david sweeny todd

Our Team

David Moke

You can call David many things: Direct. Surefooted. Experimental. Gonzo. Astute. But most people just call him Moke. And you’ll get more done talking to him in ten minutes than you will the rest of the day. Coffee?

David’s worked with major names in event production, concert promotion, and musician management, including Warner Brothers, AEG Live, and WEA Distribution. After working on large productions like the Mile High Music Festival and Snowball Festival, and founding Denver’s Blacktop Festival, he set his sights on space activation and creative programming to better bridge the gap between creatives and their cities. Today, Moke works with the Denver Theatre District, History Colorado, among others, and has previously sat on Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's Executive Leadership Team. He has also partnered with Denver's Art District on Santa Fe, Denver International Airport, Superfly Productions, Denver Arts and Venues, and the Downtown Denver Partnership, to name a few.

For Moke, connection is the key: between the dope people he knows and the relationships he builds among them, he is a true emissary of the arts. Still can’t get that diplomatic immunity, though. Damn.

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Annie Geimer

Annie is fluent in festival, an active practitioner of grace under pressure, and majored in getting her hands dirty. She’ll go to the moon and back for you, partly because she really likes it there. Ask her about the last dream she had.

Annie co-founded Communitas with David after years of working for Superfly Presents in San Francisco, where she organized and launched major music festivals including Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. At Superfly, Annie was directly involved in operations, logistics, and marketing activation, and over time her mission became to strengthen the local art community by empowering creatives. Currently, Annie works with arts-focused groups including the Denver Theatre District, Meow Wolf, and Finwater Advisors.

Annie’s talent for translating bold, creative visions into fully-formed and well-executed events makes her an ideal conduit between the artist and client. That’s also why she throws Denver’s notorious monthly, vinyl-only dance party Weird Touch. Of course you’re invited! 




Founder and Principal for FinWater Advisors, LLC, a sports and media consulting firm specializing in the creation of interactive media platforms. Ehrlich’s primary clients are the Denver Theatre District, of which he is the Executive Director, and the Arts and Venues Division of the City and County of Denver where he acts as advisor on venues and media.  Ehrlich’s recent experience also includes representing the Cities of Broomfield Colorado, Allen Texas and Independence Missouri in connection with each City’s construction of a multi-purpose events center.