Here's just a small sampling of the many events and art installations Communitas helped produce:

Photo Credit: Adam Larkey

Photo Credit: Adam Larkey

Konstantin Dimopolous' "The Blue Trees" in denver (2017)

Communitas worked to bring artist Konstantin Dimopolous' environmental art installation, The Blue Trees, to the Denver Theatre District in Downtown Denver, CO. In addition to the art installation, we produced over 15 events ranging from guided meditation to blues music, breakdancing and digital art screenings. Read more about Denver's version of this much loved installation on CityLab.



Understudy: An experimental arts incubator

Located at the Colorado Convention Center near the 14th and Champa light rail station, Understudy is a experimental creative space to support the artistic and cultural communities. Communitas are the curators and operators of the space in conjunction with the Denver Theatre District. Learn more at


Beer Flights 2014.jpg

Beer Flights at denver international airport (2014 & 2015)

With our partners at Denver International Airport, the Colorado Brewers Guild, and Denver Arts & Venues, Communitas created and ran a multi-week beer festival called Beer Flights, which was originally located in the Great Hall of the airport. This very popular, very unique beer sampling event was timed around the Great American Beer Festival as a way for travelers to try various Colorado-brewed beers. Beer Flights 2014 was the longest beer festival in American history, running for 16 days straight and over 120 total hours.