Consultative Services for Kick-Ass Events and Programming

Our work feeds other people’s play, and we’re not about to mess up a good time. The Communitas Consulting team has produced events around bikes, beer, dance, theatre, fancy food, art, and everything in between.

Work with us and use our knowledge and guidance to help you and your events team accomplish any of the following.


Flying by the seat of your pants is great for karaoke night, not so much for operations. We can guide your strategic operational planning to ensure smooth sailing.

We can help you:

  • Support and build internal information flow and management

  • Establish and implement event policies, goals, objectives, and procedures

  • Increase project and event effectiveness and efficiency through stringent budget review

  • Research sponsorship opportunities

  • Connect external business and community partnerships


We’ve managed programming at every level, from deal structure and negotiation to on-site operations, and have thrown down at Red Rocks events, the Supernova Digital Art Festival, and large-scale art installations for audiences of 20 to 60,000 people. We counted.

We can help you:

  • Plan budgets

  • Build strategic partnerships

  • Structure and negotiate deals

  • Integrate your event into the community

  • Determine ideal timing for your programming



Whether you need support for your own events team or are looking to bring your yearly events in-house, we’ll help make your setup a success. Complicated walkie-talkie handles are wholly unnecessary, but we’re down if you are.

We can help you:

  • Organize and host brainstorming and public feedback meetings

  • Oversee event staffing requirements, including hiring and training

  • Facilitate site visits, walk-throughs, and event layout

  • Develop and manage vendor relationships

  • Build outline and schedule for projects and events

  • Oversee on-site logistics


Our team has years of experience in all facets of the creative venue world. Rebuilt, repurposed, made-from-scratch, headscratchers — we’ve seen some incredible stuff when it comes to multi-functional art and culture spaces. Let’s trade stories and great ideas.

We can help you:

  • Develop best practices based on thorough market research

  • Integrate events into the immediate neighborhood and larger, city-wide community

  • Find staffing for ongoing venue management

  • Consider curatorial needs


We’re ready when you are: INFO@WORKWITHCC.COM.